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Bulk Billing Criteria

We direct bill to Medicare/DVA (except on Weekends) for the following patients*:

  1. Children under the age of 16 (who have a valid Medicare card)
  2. Health Care or Pension Concession card holders
  3. Full time domestic students (with a valid student card)
  4. Brisbane Resident's who earn under AU$40,000 gross per annum 
  5. Department of Veteran Affair's (DVA) card holders

*Patients must be able to present to reception a current Medicare/DVA card and relevant pension/healthcare/student card at time of appointment.

Bulk billing Exclusions

Bulk billing appointments are not available on Weekends.

Overseas visitors are billed at AMA rates of $141 per visit as they are all new patients and require extra time.

The discretionary concessional bulk billing rate is for Brisbane residents who are in lower income groups only (gross$<40,000/year). Travellers/ temporary residents/Brisbane visitors will be privately billed.

If you do not have a current Medicare card and all relevant concession card/s in your possession or on our surgery records at the time of consultation you will be charged full fees. You will then need to claim your your rebate back from Medicare.

Workers compensation, travel vaccinations, medicals, home visits, excisions, molescans, pap smears and other general procedures/services are not bulk billed.

Because Medicare does not allow a Doctor to bill for a service unless a patient is seen, referrals and scripts without appointments incur a private fee of $20.

Due to the increasing demand on doctors' time to fill in various forms for insurance, work, school, Uni, gym, blood bank, passport, health funds etc, there is a minimum $25 form-filling fee if this is not done in a consultation. (Or $7/min charge to fill in).


We have two typical BULK BILL and PRIVATE appointment lengths. A Standard Consultation (10-minute appointment for a single simple problem only) and a Long Consultation (20-minute appointment for one or more issues, or 1 complex issue). Please ask specify  the length of appointment you require at the time of booking to ensure that you have adequate time booked to address your concerns. If you are unsure how much time you require for your appointment, one of our friendly receptionists will be happy to assist you.


  • Standard Consultation     $80 (Medicare Rebate $37.60)
  • Long Consultation          $141 (Medicare Rebate $72.80)

We take minimizing patient waiting times very seriously and can only give the booked amount of time to each patient (unless urgent and whatever time is needed is taken). If we run over time by 2 mins per appt we would be running 1 hr late by the end of the day! If you do not specify a length of appointment at time of booking it will be assumed to be a standard 10 minute appointment, and unless urgent, you may be asked to return again if there is not enough time to properly manage your health complaint in one appointment. If you arrive after your appointment time is over you may have to rebook. Otherwise you will delay every appointment after you for the day which is unfair to our other patients who are busy working people or tight time schedules.

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