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Minimise Waiting Times

Why Do Doctors Run Late?

Doctors run late because


  • Arrive late for appointments
  • Don't book enough time for the problem they have come with
  • Have medical emergencies
  • Consultations are interrupted by phone calls
  • Epidemics occur

As you can see, the doctors aren't in control of any of these factors. We can't control for epidemics and emergencies but your assistance with the other factors will help us to run on time.


What You Can Do To Minimise Waiting Times?

  • Arrive on time. Let receptionist know if you are here for breathing test, ECG, preg test so tests can get underway while awaiting your appointment with the doctor
  • If returning for an X-ray result or Masta travel advice reply ask for it at front desk and bring it in with you to the consultation
  • Ring well in advance if you can't make your appointment. This allows us to allot an urgent appointment to a true space and not have to fit it in where there is no space and thus delay your appointment. It also helps to maintain bulkbilling as long as possible since every unfilled appt causes a loss to the practice. It also saves you being charged the non-cancellation fee!
  • Book ahead, don't leave it till the last minute
  • Book adequate time for the problem you have come with, ask advice if needed.
  • Book a minimum 20 mins for a life crisis situation or a complex problem
  • Be realistic in your expectations and aware a delay is possible when we are dealing with people's lives. Factor this into your expected time out of work. (It is unrealistic to expect to be seen in a 15-min coffee break or just before your bus leaves- this is a recipe for disappointment!)
  • Book first appointment after lunch or in the morning as these have the least potential to be delayed
  • If you phone for an estimate wait time, it will be rough only as waiting times vary minute by minute.
  • Book a priority appointment or express appointment
  • Come on rainy days and Wednesdays – they are always quieter.
  • Avoid short weeks, and the day after a public holiday – they are always very busy.
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