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About Us

Welcome to the Brisbane City Doctors. We are a fully computerised comprehensive General Practice, offering a wide range of services to all age groups.

Our doctors are Specialised General Practitioners or in their final stages to becoming General Practice Specialised GP'S; that is, they have two medical degrees. Their primary medical degree (MBBS) and their General Practice Specialist degree (FRACGP). This correlates to a minimum of ten years medical training. Our doctors also have additional training in various areas to assist our patients with specific health care needs.

All our doctors participate in regular continuing education to keep up to date with the latest medical information and treatments. The latest in medical equipment and highly trained nursing staff are available to assist in your care. We take the quality of care we offer our patients very seriously so all our systems and processes are designed to ensure you receive the best quality care available.

Women's Health – Medical Centre Brisbane

If you've been looking for a local general practice with a team of professional doctors available, then make an appointment at our quality medical centre, Brisbane City Doctors. Located in the heart of the CBD. We will ensure you have the best care available for your health problem.

Make an appointment for a travel vaccination, a pap smear, an insurance medical or for a general checkup. Many patients may wish to see a female doctor for a pap smear, whilst other patients may wish to see a particular doctor for a recurring medical issue.

Women's Health Issues

Having a pap smear or a prostate check is a very personal matter, and some patients prefer to chose the women's health or men's health professional that they see at a medical centre. Brisbane City Doctors offers a number of resident doctors and visiting doctors, and you can organise an appointment to see the doctor of your choice for a pap smear or any other medical tests.

We have a choice of resident doctors for patients to make appointments with, and there are also a number of visiting doctors with particular working hours and days. These doctors will specialise in certain areas, so the patient is able to see a doctor with a thorough knowledge of a particular health care issue.

Family Health and Preventative Medicine

The services available for patients at our medical centre in the centre of Brisbane, include a wide range of medical tests such as pap smear tests, diving medicals, minor surgery, men's and women's health care and preventative health checks.

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