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DIABETES Occurs in 3% population, often no symptoms, old age diabetes especially runs in families. Start screening for diabetes age 40 or sooner if overweight or have a family history. If you have polycystic ovaries or are overweight or had diabetes in pregnancy, you are at increased risk of diabetes.
HEART ATTACKS, STROKES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Our number one killer-, start age 20 and check cholesterol, earlier if a family history. Recheck every 5 yrs if normal; more often if abnormal. Annual BP checks. from age 16yrs. Check BP x 4 times per year if abnormal /on medication
BREAST CANCER Women have 1 in 14 lifetime risk of developing this. Start screening mammogram 10 yrs before nearest relative with breast cancer or age 40 whichever is the earlier. Genetic testing available for those with a strong family history.
CERVICAL CANCER Pap smears maximally at 2 years apart to age 70 if you have ever had sexual intercourse, more frequently if a history of an abnormal pap, if your last pap was your first pap you need to repeat it at 1 year, if there was a long gap (e.g. > 2yrs) since your last pap it should be repeated at 1 year, or if you have any symptoms such as abnormal bleeding even if only slight.
OVARIAN CANCER Annual pelvic ultrasound / blood tests are advised if you have a family history only. Oral contraceptives are advised for prevention in those with a family history
OSTEOPOROSIS Bone density checks should be done at time of menopause if you have a family history, had an early menopause, or decide not to take hormone replacement therapy or have a history anorexia/ steroid use.
GLAUCOMA Annual eye check from age 30 if a family history / 2 yearly from age 40 if no family history
BOWEL CANCER Start screening with colonoscopies 10 yrs before relative had cancer or age 35-40 whichever is earlier. For those with no family history, annual test for blood in the bowel motions is available.
PROSTATE CANCER Annual rectal examination/blood test starts age 40 /or 50 if no family history (Still some controversy about effectiveness of this in medical circles)
MELANOMA Annual skin check for everyone/ more often if have dysplastic naevus syndrome or a family history melanoma. Annual digital photography advised.
THROMBOSIS/CLOTS If you have a family history of this you need a blood test
HAEMOCHROMATOSIS If you have a family history of this you a need blood test
PREPREGNANCY CHECK UPS Come in 3 months before for a rubella immunity check, a pap smear if needed and advice folic acid supplements and fertile times.




TETANUS If had all childhood tetanus shots, booster at age 50 or at time of cut if more than 5 years since last shot
HEPATITIS B Recommended for all children and adults now
RUBELLA Booster MMR required if none given at age 5 or 15, or if not immune pre/post partum.
FLU VAX Annual for those with cardiac, respiratory (includes asthma), diabetes, immune lowering diseases or age >65ys
PNEUMOVAX TO PROTECT AGAINST PNEUMONIA -every 5 yrs for those >65, and if you have no spleen. Children also have this now.
HEPATITIS A Advisable if an oyster eater or you work in a childcare, or health care facility MMR booster available for 18- 30's
BOOSTRIX Advisable for all adults. It includes tetanus and whooping cough.
MENINGITIS Recommended for young adults and contact of case.
CHICKEN POX If never had vaccination or chicken pox.
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