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Staying Alive - Advanced Health Screen

Fifty per cent of cancers, fifty per cent of heart disease, ninety per cent of type-2 diabetes are all preventable"

(previous President of the Public Health Association Professor Mike Daube)

Medical science now has various methods of health screening that can detect early cancers. Currently these are not utilised to their full potential as Medicare doesn't fund this sort of high level preventive screening.

However we believe we should take advantage of it for our patients and make it available. The older one gets, the more one knows how important it is to have good health and to be proactive about disease prevention and early detection.

Without good health we have nothing.

Most people spend more on their car servicing every year than they do on their health and wellbeing.

For the sake of a few hundred dollars per year one can have peace of mind that you are doing your absolute best to stay alive for your family.

By proactive screening we can detect cancers at an early stage and extend your lives. If we wait till you get symptoms it will be too late for many of these cancers.

This can be combined with gene testing for susceptibility to various diseases as well so a personalised health screening program can be developed for you.

Make an appointment today for your 'Staying Alive Consultation’ and take control of your future.

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