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Test Results

Test results are reviewed by your doctor, if the doctor has already asked you to return for results discussion please just make an appointment since the reason you will have been asked to return is that further discussion and follow up will be required no matter what the results are and this cannot be done over the phone.

  • It is the patient's responsibility to come in to follow-up their results.
  • You must ring/return to provide a fail safe way to ensure your results are seen and acted upon by a doctor.

For confidentiality reasons receptionists cannot give any results to patients at the front desk or over the phone. Make an appointment for results. This includes HIV and pregnancy tests. Single recall letter will be sent for a routine reminder or non urgent results.

A SINGLE recall letter will be sent for urgent / serious results only so make sure your contact details are up to date every time you visit us.

It is very important that you phone us well before your appointment if you are unable to keep it. We always have more patients than appointments, so your failure to make that appointment available for booking means another patient has been turned away when they were most in need of our help.

We have introduced a $20 cancellation fee for a standard consultation for those who fail to notify us in advance (on more than one occasion) and $40 for a missed long appointment. This is to signal to our patients that cancellation of appointments is important in this practice.


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